Baobab and Acacia

Two very characteristic trees that decorate the African continent are the Baobab tree, which looks almost like a tree that was planted upside down showing its roots up in the air and the Acacia tree with its umbrella shape.

Unlike most trees the Baobab tree does not have growth rings to tell its age.

A story goes that the Giraffe nibbles leaves from the Acacia tree one at a time only for a short while and always moving against the wind going from one Acacia to the next.

So the questions are:
Why only nibbling a few leaves at a time and why does the Giraffe move against the wind?

The Acacia tree will start to produce a flow of liquid that will run through the branches and will reach the leaves that is toxic to the Giraffe. So before this liquid reached the leaves the Giraffe will go on to the next Acacia tree.

This leaves us with the second question, why against the wind. The tree will excrete some of the liquid and the wind will carry this on to the neighboring trees. As soon as this liquid reaches the trees they will also start the production of the liquid. So if the Giraffe moves against the wind it will find trees that have not been informed yet.

It demonstrates how nature is in harmony allowing the Giraffe to eat without a complete destruction of a tree. I am still confused what balance the human race has brought to Nature, but that is a different chapter all together.

© Desi Lopez Fafié

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  1. 1 chunhui wang
    January 28, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    very interesting

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